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DESTINATION EXPLORE NIGERIA: Everyone fears something.

Papa Oyeyemi – “After dedicating 15 years of my life and still counting to a craft I love so much and a brand I regard as the first and only child I have given birth to so far, my greatest fear would have to be a combination of giving up and losing it all at almost dawn and losing family and close friends to death.”  

Justin Okeke – “To be a failure and live below expectation, especially when I’ve received so many investments.” 

Yinka Elliot – “Getting left behind.”

Femi Fowler – “Poverty.” 

Jean Paula Paula – “Losing my mind and not having control of the choices I make.” 

Aadesokan – “Not being myself.” 

Samuel Inyang – “My family and I not making Heaven and not being able to impact the world positively.” 

Akin Adegunji – “Fear of Failure.” 

Joseph Obanubi – “Losing my sight I guess.”

Papa Akanbi – “I dread a time where I can no longer help myself or take own decisions but completely at the mercy of any human being here on earth. I always want to make my decisions and follow through as best as I desire. If I made it out alive I’ll be grateful for decisions I made for myself by myself, if I don’t, at least I did my best.”  

Shawnee Camu – “Eradication of nature, knowledge, and love. Assimilation of culture, and forgetting history.”

Afsaneh Ghafarian Rabe’I – “Not being good enough.”

Godson Ukaegbu – “My greatest fear in life is the possibility that I may give up the will to keep on living because I had not met my mark or did not reach those I ought to with the possibilities of my gift and grace.” 

Ebenezer Alasi – “My greatest fear is going through life without attaining my greatest potential.” 

Hermes Iyele – “Fear Itself.”

Francis Ikeaba – “Not achieving my life goals and dreams before exiting.”

Cheche Uduma – “Losing my loved ones”

Daniel Iwuji – “I have no fear about life because I keep growing up and realize not everyone will make it in life but, surely we all will die someday. ( I choose to enjoy every moments in life instead of having fears.”

Tofunmi Akintona – ‘’My greatest fear in life is to accomplish everything I need and not make use of it’’



For the trip, the team travelled through the eastern states of Nigeria. Making cameos in Abia, Imo and Anambra. From the middle of nowhere to Ogbunike Cave, Oguta Lake, Aba Market and even Nekede Zoo were all combed out together. 


The west provided a sort of an interesting pilgrimage for this issue. Initially traveling through it to the east, then coming back through it to explore some of its notorious yet hidden attractions like Idanre hill, Erin Ijesha waterfall, community churches and conservation centres. 


Nothing beats the act of playing dress up in hotel rooms especially after or before a long day of exploring the country.